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Your University

If you are serving in the military or police and you are ambitious, you should be seeking a UK university management degree.

If you are ex-military or ex-police, then you already know these facts:

  • A university degree is the minimum requirement for most professions.
  • English is the business language of the world.
  • You need to convince employers that you understand business management.
  • Higher pay / larger salaries go to those with a university degree.
  • International opportunities are available to graduates of UK universities.

We are a small consultancy group that offers online management degrees from some prestigious UK universities:

BA (Honours) in Business Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Pictured is just one of the UK universities that offer online degree courses that are particularly suitable for candidates with your background.

Your Support

Using us to advise on your eligibility and to enhance your career opportunities will cost you nothing, as we are funded by LSM.

You will avoid making many separate university applications, dealing with rejections, attending interviews, six month intake delays and other tedious problems.

Your main gain will be our expertise in presenting your work experience as eligibility, particularly if you do not have all the academic qualifications that are usually required.

We are empowered to convert your service time into eligibility points (equivalent to academic achievement) so that you are awarded a university place.

For personal advise, please contact:
Robert A Dyson
Mobile/Text: +44 7429 619 620

‘After 15 years working in resettlement for Major General Sir Jeremy Moore, KCB, OBE, MC & Bar, I sold out due to his sad illness. Some of the money has been invested so that, together with my associates, our dedicated work continues’

Your Online Opportunity

Your Online Opportunity

This is the university’s associate college that develops and provides both:

BA (Honours) in Business Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

for you to study online.

You will get the full university experience through broadcast lectures, tutors, web library access, course handouts, mentoring, etc.

However, the main advantages of an online management degree through one of our universities are:

  • Available worldwide.
  • Flexible study times.
  • Low cost.
  • Keep your job whilst studying.
  • Make useful contacts.
  • University award ceremony invitation.
  • Prestige certificates.
  • Immediate start / faster result.